How to use

Once you have opened the book, you can start reading the book by pressing "Space bar" key. The book will start reading from the begining to the end. Anyway, if you would like to get back to the begining of the book at any time, you just need to press "7" key. You can study more for controlling the book from the table below.

 The summary of all shortcut keys for navigation



Numberic 1

Go to the last chapter

Numberic2 or Down Arrow

Go to next chapter

Numberic 3

Please do not press :)

Numberic 4 or Left Arrow

Go to previous phrase

Numberic 5 or Space Bar

Pause or Play

Numberic 6 or Right Arrow

Go to next phrase

Numberic 7

Go to the first chapter

Numberic 8 or Up Arrow

Go to previous chapter

Numberic 9

Please do not press :)

The sample of the reader once it is reading a book